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Allie’s Thirst wants nothing more than to provide our clients a reliable vending machine that is fully stocked year round. Each machine is customized to address the needs of your place of business.

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We get to work as soon as you contact us. We will send a representative to your business to get an idea of how much space you have to work with. After taking measurements, we find an appropriate machine that will fits well in your space. Within 30 days, the machine will be installed, fully stocked with whatever you desire.

All we need from you is electricity and space, and we can get to work! Our vending services will be able to satisfy your many needs including reasonable prices. We coordinate dates and time of installation of our machines so operations of the office atmosphere will not be interrupted.

Customizing Your Machine

Allie’s Thirst takes pride in making your vending machine customized towards your establishment’s unique needs. If healthy snack foods are high in demand at your property, we can make it happen. If you discover that some items in the vending machine are much more popular, we can adjust how we stock it the next time we visit. Bottom line, we sell vending machines as a reflection of the business that uses them.

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Who We Serve

Any businesses in DC, Maryland or Virginia that are interested in giving their employees and customers convenient concessions are our ideal client. We have assisted hospitals, schools, universities, stadiums, corporate offices, malls, warehouses, and salons all outfit their buildings with vending machines!

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